Things to Think About When Planning Your Stock Photography Shoot

You’re hoping to sell stock images or build a portfolio of stock photography, but you aren’t sure where to start. There’s an increasing demand online for high-resolution images of a wide range of people doing just about anything you can imagine. Companies need engaging and fresh stock images that help broaden their appeal.

Working in stock photography can be a fun and potentially lucrative pursuit. If you want to maximize the return on your time and equipment investment, carefully plan your stock photography shoots to ensure your images will be in demand.

Diversity Among Models Helps Broaden Your Appeal

More companies are realizing that inclusive advertising and marketing is key to building brand loyalty in a range of demographics. However, there is still a major gap between the demand from websites and companies and the supply of diverse stock images. Keep this in mind when looking for models and when planning your shoots. Show people of all ages, races and backgrounds in a variety of settings from urban to rural.

You know you want to create a collection of images that is diverse to appeal to increasingly multicultural marketing efforts. While you can start taking images of people of color or family stock photos, you’ll have more success if you plan your shoot and your collection of images carefully. The more diverse your images, the more potential for demand.

Companies Need Stock Photographs of Everything

Capture your models engaging in all kinds of behavior, from exercising to talking on the phone or walking through a store. Companies need images of people playing with pets, looking at bills and cooking. Hobbies, outdoor activities and occupations are also in high demand. Images with the model as the center of focus, with softer but still clear backgrounds, tend to help engage viewers.

Sometimes, you’ll want your models to look relaxed and at ease, wearing comfortable clothing. Other times, professional outfits or even special gear can help. While props and costumes won’t be the focus of your images, they can provide a sense of realism in your images.

The Best Stock Photography Draws Viewers In

While there’s no doubt that a beautiful person smiling at the camera is alluring, that isn’t necessarily the best approach to stock photos. Ideally, your stock images can be used for a variety of purposes across a wide range of businesses. The best stock photos help readers and viewers imagine themselves in the place of the model.

To create this particular impact, it helps to have your model looking somewhere other than the camera. Instead of carefully posed shots common in magazines, images that look candid help viewers place themselves in the models’ positions. Generally, images with a single person are more engaging than images with groups of people. They allow each viewer to imagine him- or herself as your model.

Obviously, if you’re building a portfolio of family shots, more than one person will appear in most of your photos. However, planning shots that also feature individuals may help you sell more images. 

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