Why Your Content Strategy Should Include Video

If you’re building your brand and online presence, you need to think about optimizing the impact of your efforts. In the world of search engine optimization (SEO), unique content is key. That’s why companies that take digital domination seriously create well-crafted content strategies. A content strategy outlines the kinds of content you plan on creating and how you will hone it to stay on-brand. Creating a robust content strategy can help in generating more traffic, leads and sales.

Any content your company creates for marketing or SEO purposes should follow your brand guidelines carefully while seeking to maximize its appeal. Creating a diverse range of content for your website and social media pages will keep your customers engaged and develop your brand in real time. Your company may keep a blog, complete with high resolution images, whether you’re using stock images or illustrations. You may upload podcasts or audio recordings. Whatever you’re creating, though, unique video should play a central role in your content strategy and marketing efforts.

Online Consumers Find Video More Memorable

The internet is overflowing with written marketing content and copies of the same bland images. Breaking out of that mold by creating video content helps make your company and your message more memorable. Video allows for a wide range of messages or ideas to be transmitted easily to others. Done right, your videos can help boost your brand, your traffic and your sales.

Your videos can be educational, serious or even downright funny depending on your company’s brand and what you hope to achieve with the videos. If your concept is unique and the execution is strong, viewers will enjoy it. Whether the video topic is the uses of your product or the history of your company, creativity can help engage your customers. Making videos that people want to share on social media can be a great way to quickly expand brand recognition and increase your customer base.

Video Content Boots Your Visibility

Videos that viewers enjoy and find valuable can do a lot for your online presence. Video content can be a key factor in boosting your search engine rankings. Videos in your marketing emails can increase consumer click-throughs by between 200% and 300%. It’s important to note that quality, planning and value to the viewer are critical to the success of online video in any marketing effort.

Google and other search engines take note when visitors navigate away from a page quickly. The more times people watch your video, the more easily other viewers will find it. The best way to get views is to make the topic relevant to your industry or brand, and informative or valuable to your customer base.

Speaking of your customer base, make sure to be inclusive. Don’t forget diversity when it comes to videos, either. Including a diverse range of characters and voices, as well as images of people of all backgrounds, can help convey your company’s commitment to multicultural inclusion. Including people of all races, ages and backgrounds in your videos will help you reach a broader audience. The more people who relate to the video, the greater its impact.

Careful tagging, subtitles that include critical keywords, and optimized meta descriptions can also be helpful ways to improve the SEO impact of your video content. Be sure to share videos on YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms, and consider paying to promote them for maximum reach.

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