Mocha Stock Featured in “13 Awesome Stock Photo Resources from Black Creatives”

Her Panorama, the blog at CreateHER Stock, recently published an article exploring 13 different stock photo companies that are run by black creatives. The companies build a more inclusive online world by ensuring representation of all kinds of people. Each company offers a different approach, from young professional people of color in workplace settings to more abstract and artistic stock images.  

Mocha Stock, a recent addition to the industry, is creating a collection of curated images of people of color. As a stock company, Mocha Stock stands out from other businesses on the list by offering illustrations and soon, video. Of course, each of these companies has something unique to offer. Mocha Stock’s inclusion on this list is a sure sign that our innovative company is already impacting representation and diversity in stock images. It’s an honor to be included on a list with so many cutting-edge businesses. 

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