Mocha Stock Highlighted Among Cutting-Edge Startups Founded by Black Women

As a business owner, attorney and professional advisor, Jeneba Jalloh Ghatt understands the importance of media to the modern business. She often explores concepts such as politics, technology and culture on her site, It should come as little surprise, then, that she’s taken the time to highlight some of the best and brightest businesses bringing diversity to the stock photography world.

Companies she chooses to highlight in the article embrace diversity and inclusiveness. Many focus on certain niches of the online world, such as images from modern African photographers. Others, including Mocha Stock, offer a broader approach to diversity and inclusion.

Mocha Stock, recently started by Sequoia Houston, is proud to have made the list. Ghatt highlights how our company has a perfectly curated collection with a focus on authentic and diverse representations of a wide range of people of color.

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