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Diversity and inclusiveness in business have never been more important. Whether it’s in advertising, web design, marketing, branding or any other aspect of business that requires visual media, customers expect to see imagery that accurately represents the world we live in. However, finding images that really capture modern diversity can be challenging and time-consuming. Marketers often end up searching endlessly for stock media that is truly representative of their diverse communities, only to end up with a small number of options that don’t always quite fit what they’re looking for.

Fortunately, the solution has finally arrived.

The Mocha Stock team is elated to announce the official launch of our diverse, inclusive stock media marketplace. Mocha Stock helps your company embrace diversity by offering you a carefully curated collection of stock images featuring people of color. We’ve compiled a beautiful, ever-growing assortment of images, illustrations and video available for royalty-free use on your website, social media or print materials. You’ll find a broad range of images through Mocha Stock that will help set your business apart from the competition. How, you ask? Well…

Mocha Stock Can Help Your Site Become More Inclusive

When you make the decision to feature diversity on your website, you increase the number of people your brand can appeal to. More importantly, you provide positive cultural representation for people of color who have traditionally been underrepresented in stock images or broad marketing efforts. Mocha Stock can help your company quickly and easily find graphics, illustrations, and photography that reflect the beauty of modern diversity, establishing your business as a welcoming, thoughtful and inclusive organization – something your competitors may not be taking the time to do.

The Mocha Stock collection of stock photos includes a broad range of subject matter, from families and professionals to casual pictures and even fine art images. Whatever the aesthetic your company wants to project, Mocha Stock has images that will help you appeal to the broadest possible audience while staying true to your own brand. Our collection includes both curated stock images from established brands like UberImages and Andy Dean Photography as well as some exclusive collections, such as the beautiful “Brown Girls Do Ballet” by Takiyah Wallace. 

When You Need Stock Images that Highlight Diversity, Think Mocha Stock

Marketing in modern America can be tough. The team at Mocha Stock understands the demands of brand development and building an online platform. Mocha Stock was founded by Sequoia Houston, marketing guru and CEO of Sur-Ryl Marketing. Sequoia’s passion and award-winning experience have provided the foundation for Mocha Stock, making it your go-to resource for inclusive stock images of people of color.

Finding and purchasing the right stock media shouldn’t be the hardest part of developing your brand. With the resources provided by Mocha Stock, your company can access and purchase royalty-free stock images featuring people of all races, ages, and backgrounds. No matter what audience or demographic you’re targeting for marketing purposes, Mocha Stock can help your company reach the right people.

Welcome to Mocha Stock – we couldn’t be more excited to help your company celebrate and embrace diversity in your visual media.

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