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LOS ANGELES, CA, April 12, 2017 –  Sur-Ryl Marketing, named one of the Top Ten Digital Marketing Agencies in Los Angeles by last year, is starting 2017 out with a bang. The seven-year-old company has just announced the launch of their latest project, is a stock media website that provides brand managers, bloggers and business owners with access to authentic, highly curated photos, illustrations and video clips featuring people of color.

When asked about the new project, Sur-Ryl Marketing CEO, Sequoia Houston, said “Anyone who has searched the major stock websites for images featuring people of color can understand why this project is so important. There’s a lot of pressure on marketers to include more diversity in their branding and, quite frankly, the lack of diversity often doesn’t stem from a lack of desire but a lack of available resources.” Houston came up with the idea when she was designing a website for a client and found herself spending a great deal of time trying to find diverse pictures for the project. “Because there are so few images of people of color, comparatively speaking, it can be challenging when you find the perfect picture that matches the tone and feel of your client’s brand and try to find other images featuring minorities that have a similar look and feel. Oftentimes, they’re just not there,” says Houston. was created to combat that issue. Launched April 3, 2017, the website allows users to purchase royalty-free stock media at a reasonable price.  The site features exclusive collections like “Brown Girl’s Do Ballet” by Dallas photographer Takiyah Wallace as well as non-exclusive collections from well-known stock media producers such as UberImages and Andy Dean Photography.

To learn more about purchasing stock media or how you can become a Mocha Stock contributor, please visit

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Sur-Ryl Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency dedicated to helping brands get results. From strategy to creative design to media services and beyond, we’re your one-stop shop for digital marketing solutions. Our firm was built on deep industry experience, a rich understanding of our clients’ needs and in-depth resources required to address pertinent business challenges and opportunities.

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